RaajjeTV to launch Yamin Rasheed's 'Made in Mordis' in September

  • An agreement was signed between RaajjeTV and the creators of 'Made in Mordis' on Monday
  • While the show's premiere is set for September
  • Rasheed's "Maakana Show" is already a huge success among RaajjeTV's viewers, said Reesha

K. Male' | Aishath Shaany | 14-August-2017 | Monday 23:08 | Shaaknee | Entertainment | 1,700

'Made in Mordis' creator Yamin Rasheed and RaajjeTV's Head of Corporate Affairs Aminath Reesha -- Photo by: raajjemv

RaajjeTV has signed an agreement with the creators of 'Maakana Show,' to air their newest series 'Made in Mordis'.

The one-year agreement was signed on Monday evening; creator Yamin Rasheed signed on behalf of the show, while Head of Corporate Affairs, Aminath Reesha represented RaajjeTV.

While the show's premiere is set for September, new episodes are to be aired every week.

Speaking after the ceremony, Rasheed said that "this is a very different show" and that being able to air it on RaajjeTV "is a big progress for the show".

Noting that the characters "are unique as well," Rasheed said that the show will mostly focus on social issues.

Reesha said that 'Maakana Show' is "a huge success with the viewers" and that she has no doubt that the new show will "further enrich" the station's content.

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