Will implement death penalty soon: Home Minister

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K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 02-August-2017 | Wednesday 08:57 | rushdhar | Local | 1,252

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed at Tuesday's press conference -- Photo by: raajjemv

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed has revealed that the Government will implement death penalty soon, signaling that preparations for it are well underway.

Speaking in a press conference on Tuesday, Minister Azleen denied rumors that preparations for implementing death penalty were stalled. He noted that President Yameen gave high priority to this.

Referring to the recent spate of murders from stabbings, Minister Azleen said implementing death penalty is a deterrent for such crimes. He added that much of the population wanted to implement death penalty, in spite of international pressure and few voices from the nation calling out against it.

Minister noted that implementing death penalty was part of Quran, prophetic tradition, constitution and laws. He further noted that President Abdullah Yameen’s administration had made significant progress into this and that death penalty will be implemented soon.

‘Government is expediting death penalty process. It’s not easy to reveal information on this every day. The processes are being implemented, it’s not halted,’ he said, responding to a question posed by a journalist.

Referring to the delay, Minister Azleen said death penalty was being implemented after a 60-year hiatus and therefore, there were many aspects that needed to be addressed.


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