T-Rex to face Maldives Army Club in first semi match

  • Semis to start on 18th
  • Final on the 20th

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 17-July-2017 | Monday 17:11 | rushdhar | Sport | 1,638

Women's Futsal Challenge -- Photo by: fam

T-Rex is to face Maldives Army Club in the first semi-finals of the MILO Women’s Futsal Challenge.

Maldives Army Club reached the semis of the tournament, having claimed top spot in the group, following their 4-nil victory against STELCO team.

MPL reached the semis as second placed team on the group.

AwaFT reached semis from the second group, with T-Rex Sports Academy reaching the semis as the second placed team.

Group One’s first placed team will faced second placed team from the Group Two. Group Two’s first placed team will face the second placed team from Group One.

Therefore, Maldives Army Club will battle against T-Tex while AwaFT will face MPL to determine who reaches the finals.

The semis will be played on the 18th of this month, while the finals will be played on the 20th.

Army Club, MPL, Police Club, STELCO Recreation Club and MNU SC are in the first group of the tournament. Zenith SC, Equitorial, T-Rex Sports Academy and AwaFT are in the second group.

FAM says the tournament seeks to improve women’s futsal and as such no professional players or foreign players can contest.

This tournament is the first ever Futsal tournament aimed at women.

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