Dhangandey joins practice following surgery

  • Dhangandey had previously played for New Radiant
  • Surgery done in May

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 16-July-2017 | Sunday 16:39 | rushdhar | Sport | 1,352

Ali Ashfaq at training -- Photo by: Newradiant Sports Club

Ali Ashfaq has rejoined practice with New Radiant following knee surgery.

Following surgery in Sri Lanka, Ashfaq had undergone an intensive recovery period.

Ashfaq had sat on the sidelines most of the season due to injury. He had signed to New Radiant in May and will start in Wednesday’s match against Maziya.

He first joined New in 2006. That season, New Radiant had win the FA Cup and Dhivehi Premier League. He played a crucial role in winning 2007’s President’s Cup and FA Cup.

Ashfaq his role as captain was key in winning 2012 League with an unbroken record. In 2013, Ashfaq was instrumental in claiming all titles of the year with a 100 percent record. New Radiant had also reached AFC Cup Quarters with many goals from him.

Ashfaq switched to Malaysia’s PDRM and won the best expatriate player of the season in 2014.

After two successful seasons in Malaysia, Ashfaq came back in the middle of last year. He played for Maziya in the second half of the season.

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