Nation is in a constitutional slavery: Abdullah Kamaluddin

  • Members started reformist movement needed for the nation
  • Many ways in which a regime can be changed
  • Will recover the seats lost to the Members

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 14-July-2017 | Friday 23:23 | rushdhar | Local | 528

Jumhooree Party Deputy Leader Abdullah Kamaluddin -- Photo by: Raajjemv

Jumhooree Party Deputy Leader Abdullah Kamaluddin says that with the defection ruling issued by Supreme Court, the nation has fallen under a constitutional slavery.

Speaking in the rally held by the opposition figures in Thinadhoo Island in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Abdullah Kamaluddin said that there was no need to fear this change, adding that the united opposition was firmly with the MPs who had backed the motion. Echoing the sentiments made by the leaders of the reformist movement, Kamaluddin said that a larger majority will reelect them.

Reflecting on the development over the years, Kamaluddin said development of Male’ and atolls were linked and that unity was essential to a stable developing nation. He said the reformist movement was working for this goal.

Kamaluddin further stressed that the movement was taking a critical route to rectify the mistakes made by the government. As such, he said this was not an attempt at a coup. If the reformists wanted to change the current regime, then he said there were many more ways to do that.

He described the MPs who had signed the no confidence motion on Speaker Abdullah Maseeh as patriots and carrying out a mandate that will eventually benefit the nation.