Opposition now has to take responsibility for Faafu Atoll project: President Yameen

  • Faafu deal failed due to opposition actions
  • Nothing he could do about the failure of the project

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 12-July-2017 | Wednesday 04:08 | rushdhar | Local | 312

F. Atoll, Himithee -- Photo by: google

President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom says the opposition must take the responsibility for the failure of the planned billion-dollar project for Faafu Atoll.

Answering a question posed by RaajjeTV in an event held in PPM office on Tuesday night, President Yameen said he did not have to take the blame for the failure of the project.

‘My intentions were to make something that benefits the citizens,’ he said.

He leveled the blame for the failure of the deal on the opposition actions. President Yameen said if there were people who were actively working against bringing in investors, then investors will take heed of that disinterest. Therefore, he said he cannot accept any responsibility, whether investors chose to come or not.

‘Those who claim to be working for the people and their betterment must take responsibility for it,’ he said.

The Faafu Atoll project was one of the most hotly contested proposals of the Yameen administration. The deal allowed foreign parties to own land in the country.