Shalabee releases second madhaha album

  • All tunes composed by Shalabee
  • Songs composed by Adam Naseer Ibrahim, Nasma Abdul Muhsin
  • Thelaset boxes donated to 20 thalassemia patients

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 22-June-2017 | Thursday 15:34 | rushdhar | Entertainment | 2,843

Singer Shalabee and Chief Justice at the launch event -- Photo by: raajjemv

Shalabee Ibrahim has released his second madhaha album.

The album, titled ‘Hidhaaee Noor’ was released on Wednesday and released by Chief Judge Abdullah Saeed. Speaking in the ceremony, Saeed stated that he hoped this album would contribute to spirituality and social cohesion. He praised Shalabee for his initiative on the project and his talent.

Manager Shafeeq Ali (Sappe) said the album will have seven compositions. All tunes were made by Shalabee, with lyrics composed by Adam Naseer Ibrahim and Nasma Abdul Muhsin. The album was recorded with the assistance of House of Music.

This is the second album Shalabee had released. All the copies will be distributed free of charge.

Sappe added that Shalabee has always donated to an NGO with the launch of the albums. As such this year, he had donated thelasets, injection sets used in blood transfers, to 20 thalassemia patients. He had also sponsored a year of tuition for a child at Care Society.


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