MediaNet fined by MVR 500,000 for ‘Stealing Paradise’ broadcast

  • Penalized by MVR 500,000
  • Penalized on Tuesday
  • Penalized as broadcast 'affected national security'

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 15-June-2017 | Thursday 15:07 | rushdhar | Local | 2,230

Screen grab from 'Stealing Paradise' documentary -- Photo by: al jazeera

MediaNet has been fined by MVR 500,000 for rebroadcasting content that ‘effect national security’. understands that MediaNet was penalized for the rebroadcast of Al-Jazeera produced ‘Stealing Paradise’ documentary on Tuesday.

Speaking to, a member of the Broadcasting Commission confirmed the news adding that MediaNet had brought content on their channels that impacted on national security.

The Commission had also ordered MediaNet to issue a formal apology in addition to the fine.

MediaNet Head of Administration reported to that the company is yet to be formally notified of fine. 

Created by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, Stealing Paradise uncovers a $1.5 billion money laundering scam involving the country’s president and then vice president. The government of Maldives has denied the allegations made in the documentary. 



It was laughable to learn from the Maldives that the film had affected the national security, what a joke! The film showed to the world how corrupt politicians complicit with the Judiciary could bring about a better world free from money laundering.Was it not a lesson to the world to see the Vice-President go to jail for what he did?