Two local sides initiate discussions for Oppo

  • He is expected to sign for New Radiant
  • Currently in Male’ following stint at Bodrogan

K. Male' | Rushdha Rasheed | 11-May-2017 | Thursday 03:57 | rushdhar | Sport | 1,230

Ibrahim Fazeel -- Photo by: facebook

Reports have surfaced that Ibrahim Fazeel (Oppo) is the target for two local sides. understands that Oppo is being headhunted by New Radiant, a side that has improved their performance significantly in the past years. However, the team is yet to formally announce they have begun transfer discussions.

Oppo had played for the national team for 14 years without any breaks. He played a key role in winning the first goal medal for the national team in 2008, as well the SAFF Championship in the same year.

Oppo had played for many teams in the local first division. He is currently in Male’ following a stint in Bogorgan, a Welsh local side. He is also the first local to play for a European side.

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